My hobby

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My hobby

I'm Jovana and I'm ten. My hobbies are playing volleyball and drawing. I play volleyball with my friends and it's very fun. When I play volleyball I use hands and I run a lot. My volleyball classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After school when I finish my homework I draw. When the weather is nice I go to the park with my friends. On weekends we stay whole day in the park, playing volleyball and other games. It's sunny Sunday afternoon and my friends waiting form me. I need to go.
BYE! :)

Hello, my name is Strahinja. My hobby is listening to music. I always listen to Momčilo Bajagić Bajaga. He's one old fashioned guy, but his music is very popular. I very like his songs. He's 61in years old. My brother listening his too. My favorite Bajaga's song is "Ovaj svet se menja". I always go to his concerts. He is very happy man. I very love my hobby! Bye!

My hobby is learning English. I go to the English class on Monday and Wednesday. I do homework and homework sometiemes has 3,4,5,6,7..... My teacher Zaga is very cool and friendly. My teacher Zaga one day a year buys Mc Donald's. English is spoken in every country. I like English class.

Hi! I'm Hana. How are you?
When I have a free time I do a lot of things. For example roller skating. Roller skating is my favourite hobby. I usually go to the park with my friends and is great fun. Usually we go after school and on Sundays. On Sundays I have a dance lesson. Sometimes I meet new friends at the park or I go to the park, because I spend all my energy. I love playing with my friends. How about you?

Hello, my name is Dimitrije.
My hobby is athletics. I love athletics. In our training we run, jump and do a lot of different exercises. Athletics is first sport on the world it is a base of all sports. Athletics represents the most important part of Olympic Games. The international athletics federation was founded in Stockholm in 1912, and has 212 members. The first organized athletics dates back to the first Olympic Games held in 776.b.c.

I'm Dunja.
My favourite hobby is skating. I go skating in skate park with my friends. We usually go on weekends or sometimes after school during working day. We meet other kids from other schools there. I usually fall, but that is ok.

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